Project Description

The aircraft storage hangar was designed to provide superior thermal performance and
sustainability compared to conventional manufactured metal framed hangars of similar size. The hangar is 100ft x 100ft, with 30ft tall side walls. Structural insulated panel (SIPs) construction was utilized for the walls and roof. The SIP roof panels are supported with steel open-web bar joists. Both the roof joists and SIP walls are supported by glued-laminated timber columns. The layout of SIP supports was intended to greatly reduce panel manufacturing waste and use the largest size panel pieces. Most panel sizes utilized were 8ft wide x 24ft long, corresponding to the SIP panel manufacturing dimensional limits. The SIP manufacturer exclaimed that they have never done such a large SIP building with such little waste.

The lateral force resisting system is comprised of SIP shear walls on three sides, with a steel truss moment frame at the hangar door endwall. The endwall was designed to accommodate a 90ft wide x 27ft tall pivoting hydraulic hangar door.

Project Details​


Flying H Hangar


Bozeman, Montana