Project Description

Ennis Big Sky Airport is open and fully operational following completion of their $15.3M major airport improvement project(s) to expand their runway to meet FAA required safety upgrades for their substantial use aircraft grouping.  Improvements included land acquisition, full reconstruction of their existing runway, widening the runway to 100’ width, lengthening their runway to 7,600’ total length, constructing a 50’ wide full length parallel taxiway (shifted away from the runway), reconstruction of their south apron, construction of hangar access taxilanes, major electrical and navigational aid improvements, major drainage improvements, and wildlife fencing.  

Robert Peccia and Associates was the engineer for all improvements, and SK Construction was the prime contractor for the construction project. 

Key Information:

  • Land acquisition – 11 different parcels were acquired from 11 different landowners.  In addition 4 construction easements / permits were attained
  • Earthwork – Nearly 1.2M cubic yards – enough to bury a football field 675’ deep
  • Drainage / Culverts – over one mile of storm drainage culverts (5,528’) – largest culvert was 60” diameter so you could walk through it hunched over
  • GravelNearly 60,000 CY of subbase and base course gravels
  • Asphalt – Over 38,000 tons of asphalt (1,300 truckloads)
  • Paint – over 43,600 square feet of paint
  • Lights – 284 runway and taxiway lights and an additional 22 lighted guidance signs
  • Cable – over 61,000’ of electrical cable (11.6 miles)
  • Fence – over 26,400’ of fencing (5 miles) and 29 gates

Project Details​


Ennis Big Sky Airport


Ennis, Montana