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RPA’s Employee Stock Ownership Program

In 1991, RPA owner and founder Robert Peccia began the process of establishing an Employee Stock Ownership Program, or ESOP. In 1995, the first shares of the company were sold to employees; the sale was finally completed in 2009, making RPA the first 100% employee-owned engineering firm in Montana.

An ESOP is a retirement plan that gives employees ownership in the company in the form of shares of stock. This means that employees are literally invested in the company’s success and as the company grows and succeeds, so do our employee-owners.

From day one, RPA employee-owners start building their stake in the company. With a direct stake in RPA, employee-owners are accountable to one another and can see how their work contributes to both the success of the company and the growth of their retirement account. This stake continues to grow each year until retirement when the shares employee owners accumulated throughout their careers will be paid out and redistributed, allowing for current and future employee owners to further grow their stake in RPA.

Our RPA Trustees constantly provide programming for employee-owners throughout the year to make sure they are knowledgeable about the ESOP, understand how it functions, and can see the concrete benefits it provides to each employee.

What our employee-owners have to say

Being an employee-owner at RPA gives me a vested interest in the company that goes beyond my salary and that is both motivating and inspiring. Wins feel more personal, every new project or client represents a new opportunity to excel and succeed. I see the rewards from my hard work as my retirement account grows, and that’s a powerful motivator since I know I am directly working for myself and for my coworkers.

Forrest Walker, EI

Being part of an ESOP means every employee has skin in the game, and that’s what makes it so wonderful – we’re all in this together, contributing and building something amazing! Since we’re all owners, there’s no typical divide between owners and employees like you see in other firms. When the employees own the company, and the owners are the company, it means that what the employees want and care about is also what the company wants and cares about. Their goals and interests are the same because they are all in the same boat!

Jessica Eaton, PE

Being an employee owner empowers me to take ownership of my career and my future. I enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people who are all motivated to go above and beyond for our clients and driven to see the company succeed. And although I love my day-to-day work and have no plans to retire anytime soon, I take a lot of comfort in knowing RPA’s ESOP is helping me build a healthy retirement savings!

Kerry Lynch, PE, RSP1

ESOP Fast Facts

Interested in Joining Our Team?

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"Our employees all know how much RPA values each of their contributions to the company. It is reflected in our policies, our benefits, and the way we treat each other with politeness and respect. This is a company that's worth working for."
Robert J. Peccia
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