Project Description

Master plan to assess site and user needs, evaluate development alternatives, and identify a recommended alternative for improvements to site amenities and infrastructure at this recreation area located on the southwestern shore of Canyon Ferry Reservoir in Broadwater County, Montana. The planning effort involved review of related management agreements, evaluation of site facilities and usage characteristics including a feature inventory and an overview of visitation and economic impact, and analysis of the physical environment. After defining needs and objectives for the site, a range of alternatives was evaluated, including phasing, airport considerations, and various entry configurations. Through public, stakeholder, and steering committee input, a final conceptual site layout was developed to address primary access roadways, bay improvements, event and day use sites, overnight RV and tent camping accommodations, utilities, parking areas, trails, ADA accommodations, and amenities such as a visitor center and camper services. Schematic design drawings, cost estimates, potential funding opportunities, and management and policy considerations were also outlined in the plan to assist with future implementation. The planning process was guided by representatives from the Broadwater County Commission and Planning Department, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the Broadwater County Trust Board and Airport Board, and the Citizens Action Group for the Silos Recreation Area.

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Broadwater County


Broadwater County, Montana