Project Description

RPA competed the Civil design work for this Land Port of Entry (LPOE) task under a General
Services Administration (GSA) Rocky Mountain Region 8 (Colorado, Montana, North Dakota,
South Dakota, and Wyoming), AE Services IDIQ. The project involved building additional
prototype housing for US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel at the Piegan LPOE property. The remote, self-sufficient site design required complex interrelations and significant infrastructure improvements.


  • 63-acre site, 46 existing and new housing units
  • Phased design/build procurement, LEED compliance
  • Tribal lands, international border, national park setting, severe weather, variable seasonal use, and visitation, existing historic facilities
  • Site survey, existing infrastructure assessment, systems testing, soils investigations, alternatives analysis
  • On-site sewage treatment and disposal system, surge volume storage
  • Surface source water collection and security, water right review
  • Two-mile source water main, water treatment systems and backwash disposal, new water delivery system
  • Buried fire water and potable water storage, fire protection pump systems
  • Roads, parking, drainage system, and controls
  • Electrical distribution systems and emergency on-site generation, natural gas distribution
  • Security fencing, trails, common community areas, severe weather landscaping

Project Details​


Bruce Boody Landscape Architects


Port of Piegan, Montana