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Water Systems

Our Water & Wastewater Group are experts in water supply, treatment, storage and distribution facilities for communities of all sizes. Priding ourselves on attention to detail, keeping in mind the aesthetics, construction costs, and ultimate operation and maintenance of the facility. From surface and ground water supply development, to treatment, storage and distribution, our engineers provide water system designs for conventional physical/chemical water treatment, and alternative systems. Many of our water clients are small, rural communities with limited resources, our designs must be cost effective, easy to operate and maintain, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient while meeting stringent state and federal regulations.

We have been successful in assisting our clients with project funding, depending upon the client’s preference. To fund projects, our clients typically rely on outside sources such as the Montana Department of Commerce (MCEP and CDBG Grants), Rural Development (Loans and Grants), the Montana Department of Natural Resources (Loans and Grants) and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (SRF Loan Program).

Services We Provide

Wastewater Systems

At RPA, our Wastewater Services Group is responsible for the design of wastewater collection and treatment systems.

From strategic planning, conceptualization, financing, commissioning, and operation, our engineers have the expertise and experience necessary to successfully complete any project. The wastewater team has provided planning reports, designed wastewater collection systems, treatment plants, lagoons, and sewage pumping stations for a variety of Montana communities.

Our engineers in the wastewater group are well versed in DEQ compliance issues and are familiar with the accepted standards the regulatory agencies require. Most of our firm’s engineered wastewater projects involve some share of public financing, we can provide financial planning assistance, applications, and administration services to municipal clients. 

Services We Provide